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Brenda Tucker-Jeffries is the author of Mother of the Bride Stuff Happens, collaborating author of The Power Within, a Wedding Strategist, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, over 50’s model with the Polk Entertainment Enterprise Inc. models and entrepreneur. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Chicago State University and a Master of Organizational Leadership degree from Olivet Nazarene University.

In 2010, after 38 years of public service in the U. S. Federal Government she took an early retirement from her last position of record as a Public Health Analyst. She is Vice President of the Chicago Midwest Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG) and previously served as Vice President of the Combined Chapter of the Speakers Publishers and Authors Association (SPAA). Brenda became a real estate investor in 1986. Brenda was one of several keynote speakers in 2018 at The Authority Makers Bootcamp in Las Vegas, Nevada; in 2019 at the Power of WE Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia and in 2021 at Teach the Teacher in Nigeria. In 2021 she became a graduate of SuccessFest21 and the Master Storyteller Academy.

She received the Author of the Year Award and Speaker of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively and the 2021 Leadership Award from SPAA; the VIP Award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), currently known as the International Association of Women (IAW), in 2017; and the 2nd Place Nonfiction Book Award in 2018 from Authors Promoting Success (APS) International. In 2019 she published an article in Global Achievers Magazine entitled, I Never Knew That 65 Could Feel So Good and another one in 2021 in Women of Excellence Magazine entitled, This Is It.

You may contact Brenda at and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Success in 3 Minutes or Less

Mother of The Bride: Stuff Happens

This book provides Mothers of the Bride with strategies, resources and information that enable them to assist their daughters in having the best wedding events possible. When the Mother of the Bride works with me she will get a happy Bride, less stressful planning and the ability to enjoy the wedding events rather than having to put out fires. The 20 lessons learned and shared with you in this book will help you avoid pitfalls that can happen prior to your events, during your events and even after your events; and believe me….stuff happens.

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